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PhotoGuru Media Player

PhotoGuru Media Player is designed to display photos and videos from various file- and photo hosting services on Android-based phones, tablets, smart TVs and set-top boxes. The intuitive and beautiful user interface gives users easy access to the photos and provides an inexpensive way to showcase photos and videos in the most professional way possible. The app is compatible with Google’s Android TVs as well as Amazon’s FireTV and FireTV Stick media players and supports 4K Ultra-HD true-life picture quality on the 4K capable FireTV and NVidia Shield devices.

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PhotoGuru Backup & Restore

Do you take a lot of photos with a digital camera ? If you are like most of us, you have thousands of digital photos on your computer that you want to share with clients, friends and family. There are several online services that allow you to do exactly this. One of the best and most affordable photo sharing service is offered by a company called Zenfolio®. The only problem is … how do you transfer thousands of photos to Zenfolio ?

Photo Guru Backup & Restore solves this problem by allowing you to replicate the nested folder structure of your machine on Zenfolio’s server and to bulk upload the photos in these folders up 16x times faster than competing applications. Uploads can be stopped and resumed at any time. Before resuming, Photo Guru will check which images have changed and need to be replaced on Zenfolio’s server. Frequently used upload- and synchronization tasks can be saved to disk and can be passed via command line arguments to the program.
Once photos are stored on Zenfolio’s server you can retrieve them with Photo Guru by selecting individual photos or entire folders.

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