PhotoGuru Backup & Restore

Do you take a lot of photos with a digital camera ? If you are like most of us, you have thousands of digital photos on your computer that you want to share with clients, friends and family. There are several online services that allow you to do exactly this. One of the best and most affordable photo sharing service is offered by a company called Zenfolio®. The only problem is … how do you transfer thousands of photos to Zenfolio ?

Photo Guru Backup & Restore solves this problem by allowing you to replicate the nested folder structure of your machine on Zenfolio’s server and to bulk upload the photos in these folders up 16x times faster than competing applications. Uploads can be stopped and resumed at any time. Before resuming, Photo Guru will check which images have changed and need to be replaced on Zenfolio’s server. Frequently used upload- and synchronization tasks can be saved to disk and can be passed via command line arguments to the program.
Once photos are stored on Zenfolio’s server you can retrieve them with Photo Guru by selecting individual photos or entire folders.

Program Features:

  • Upload up to 16 images in parallel: Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Zenfolio limits the upload speed of a single image. By uploading more than one image at a time you decrease your upload time by up to 16 times. Time is money and your clients, friends or family want to see your pictures now …. so why wait ?
  • Upload/Download nested folders: Photo Guru allows you to synchronize images in nested folders by automatically creating the equivalent folder structure on Zenfolio’s server. All you have to do is to check-mark the folder and press the START button. Relax, lean back and watch Photo Guru do its magic (the equivalent functionality is available if you want to copy images back to your machine).
  • Upload/Download of specific images: Want to upload only a few selected images ? Checkmark the images in Photo Guru, press the START button and you are done !
  • Upload photos and videos: Photo Guru allows you to upload images and videos to Zenfolio in a fully automated way. The intuitively designed user interface of the application allows you to select the image types that you want to upload and synchronize. Checkmark your movie clips, press START and your movies are on the way to Zenfolio !
  • Resume uploads/downloads: We all want to use our machines for more than just uploading images to Zenfolio. You can restart the upload/download of multiple images at a later time. Once restarted, the program will analyze your selected upload/download folder on Zenfolio’s server and will compare it to the files and folders on your local machine. Once you start the program, Photo Guru will only upload/download modified or missing images to/from Zenfolio.
  • Automatically sort uploaded folders: During upload, you can instruct Photo Guru to automatically sort folders by capture date, filename or title in ascending or descending order.
  • Upload images from Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices: In addition to uploading/downloading images from/to your local machine, Photo Guru is designed to access images from network attached storage (NAS) devices by using UNC network paths internally.
  • Performance measurements: Do you need proof, how fast the upload is ? During the upload, Photo Guru keeps track of the upload rate and displays it as a chart. Even if you are not a speed freak, the chart is extremely useful if an upload runs unattended during the night and you are wondering how the upload progressed.
  • Designed for Windows 7, 8 and 10: The product is designed to run on Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32/64 bit). If you are running on a 64-bit machine, the product will take full advantage of your machine’s enhanced capabilities.
  • Batch file capability: PhotoGuru supports command line arguments that allow users to start backup & restore jobs via batch files. There are various command line arguments that allow you to start the program, execute certain backup jobs and minimize the program to the system tray while it is uploading images in the background.

Release Date:    11/30/2017  |  Version 4.5